The Last Beach Bungalow – Book Review

last beach bungalow The Last Beach Bungalow by Jennie Nash

April has officially been cancer free for five years now and she feels like her life can begin again.  The only problem is that everything in her life seems stagnant.  Her husband is building a gorgeous new house for their family, but something about it seems blah to her.

“It’s called Swiss Coffee,” I said.  ”It’s the color he’s painted every house he’s ever built.  I think he gets a kickback  on it from Benjamin Moore – you know, paint three houses, get the fourth one free.”

Then April discovers a little bungalow by the beach that is for sale.  It is the last of its kind, the last piece of property by the beach not covered in an overwhelmingly large house.  The owner doesn’t want to sell it to just anyone, though, she wants to sell it to someone who will love and cherish it, not tear it down.  April thinks she might be just that person and that the beach bungalow, not the shiny new house, might be just what she needs to get her life back in gear.

I enjoyed this book.  April and her family had almost forgotten how to live while they worried about her dying, so when the magic five year mark came around, they weren’t really sure how to be with each other.  This seemed very real to me.  I think that Nash did a good job of infusing this book with emotion without making it become manipulative.

Definitely recommended, I’ll be reading more of Nash’s work.

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