The Ghost Brigades – Book Review

the ghost brigades The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

In this, the second book in John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” series we get a look into, as you might guess, the Ghost Brigades of the Colonial Defense Forces.  Charles Boutin was a civilian scientist for the CDF who has defected to the enemy.  In order to figure out how to fight him, the CDF turns to the ghost brigades and creates a new soldier with Boutin’s DNA, Jared Dirac.  Dirac must prove to his superiors and himself that he is not the traitor Boutin was.

John Scalzi has proved yet again that he can write science fiction that I actually like – rare for any author other than Douglas Adams.  His characters are interesting, witty, and sympathetic and I love the say he pieces together his stories.  I know people that DO read science fiction like him, but to me he’s the science fiction writer for those who don’t like science fiction.

I’m excited to finish off the series now, I’ve read everything but “The Last Colony.”

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