Thankfully Reading Weekend

thankfully reading weekendOne of the great things about Twitter is how it can take a simple comment and turn it into a blogging event.

Jenn, from Jenn’s Bookshelves happened to mention that she was going to have a quiet post-Thanksgiving weekend during which she was planning on getting a bunch of reading done.  I’m not sure mine will be quiet, but there will be a lot of people who may want to take Daniel away to play with him, so I realized that I could possibly get a lot of reading in too.  So Candace of Beth Fish Reads and I said we would join in with her.  From there, it spiraled into what we are now calling “Thankfully Reading Weekend,” with this adorable button you see here (made by Jenn).

No rules, no guidelines, just spend some amount of time, whatever you can do, to spend some time thankfully reading the weekend of November 27-29.  You can catch up on reading goals, or take the time to read something completely different, whatever you want!

We will be using the Book Blog Social Club for this event, so come on over and sign up on Mr. Linky if you plan on participating.  Then, during U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, just sign the new Mr. Linky with any related posts and use the twitter hashtag #thankfulreading.

A couple of things:

  • No need to be celebrating U.S. Thanksgiving to participate, all are welcome!
  • If you can’t participate due to other obligations, there are some different choices coming up for you.  Bethany of Dreadlock Girl is hosting a readathon December 5th and Michelle of GalleySmith is hosting Seriespalooza in mid-December

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