Christy Challenge

What is with all of these challenges I’m joining lately?  Here’s one you may not have been expecting: the Christy Awards Challenge.  The Christy awards were created to acknowledge excellence in a variety of genres of Christian fiction.  If you’re thinking, “hey, you don’t really review much Christian fiction here,” you’re correct, but this challenge is being hosted by Deborah and Amy, so I just couldn’t resist!

In the spirit of setting attainable goals, I am joining this challenge in the ‘baby steps’ division, Tier 1: 2009 Favorite Category Read All Nominated Books 3-4 books

I will be reading books from the Historical category.  There are three books in this category and they are:

  • Washington’s Lady by Nancy Moser
  • Shadow of Colossus by TL Higgley
  • Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin (WINNER)

I chose this category for two reasons.  First, I like historical novels.  Second, I own but have not read Shadow of Colossus and have already read and reviewed Washington’s Lady, and Deborah assures me that it is okay that I already read one of the books.

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