Blogger Unplugged – A (Sort of) Challenge

Blogger UnpluggedThis didn’t occur to me during initial conversations about Blogger Unplugged, but now everytime I see that phrase I think of the Nirvana MTV Unplugged CD I bought years and years ago.

Sorry, that was quite a tangent!

Anyway, the other day on Twitter (oh, Twitter, you are like a petri dish!), I was talking with Candace from Beth Fish Reads about the need for all of us to take a break now and then.  A lot of people chimed in that they had a hard time stepping back from their blogs, Google Reader, and Twitter.  Part of the reason for it is that many of us have become good friends, but we don’t live near one another and don’t talk on the phone, so we need blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of it to keep up with one another.  I know that more than one person said that they felt like they would miss out on something if they turned off the internet.  Maybe we all just feel like we need permission to unplug ourselves.

Well, Candace and I are GIVING you permission.  More than that, we’re CHALLENGING you to unplug sometime between now and the end of the year.  The holidays are a great time to spend with family and, even though I know sometimes the blogging community feels like family, take some time off to spend with your IRL (in real life, for those of you who don’t know) family.

Here are the rules: there are no rules.  We’re just suggesting that you pick a time between now and the end of the year (or anytime, really!) to unplug.  Turn off Twitter, don’t blog, etc.  If you need to give yourself a Twitter limit instead of turning it off, sure, whatever works for you.  Choose a day, a week, evenings, whatever, but unplug, relax, and fight blogger burnout.  Also, don’t worry about having posts go up when you’re unplugged!  If you have some and want to preschedule, okay, but don’t kill yourself trying to get some up, that defeats the whole point!  Just grab the button and get off the computer!

Personally, I’m going to be unplugging on November 26th and 27th, and December 23-27th.  I won’t be on much at all between Christmas and New Years, but I may pop in now and then, since I have to work part of that time anyway.

By the way!  For those times when you AREN’T unplugging over the next month or so, there is a great run down at Beth Fish Reads of the ways to connect this holiday season!

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