TSS: The Best Moment of the Readathon

tss So the entire Readathon was pretty fantastic.  I think that was probably the most I’ve ever read and, overall, the most concentration I’ve ever given the Readathon.  I only made it from 5:00 am to 12:30 the next morning, but I didn’t take any naps along the way (and I didn’t sleep particularly well Friday night either, so that put me at a disadvantage).   I finished 7 books (6 of my own plus a short one read to Daniel) at almost 1400 pages.  The amount I read, however, is not the real highlight.

The best, funniest parts of the Readathon all had to do with Daniel.  He made it quite clear between 11 and 12:30 last night that he wasn’t going to sleep if I wasn’t and was trying REALLY hard to roll over back to front then again trying REALLY hard to scoot somewhere to keep me entertained.  It worked, although it meant little to no reading occurred then.  The very best part of the whole thing, though, is when I was reading Daniel HIS book.

pumpkin bookDaniel’s book was a new one that one of my mother-in-law’s friends bought him.  It is called “Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin?” and has shininess on every page.  The thing basically consists of ‘Baby’ looking in different places for her pumpkin, then you check behind the flap and see it isn’t there.  Well, Daniel has gotten really good at picking up cues of whether people are slightly nodding or shaking their heads and mimicking it.  On each page we would ask him “Do you think Baby’s pumpkin is (wherever)?” and on each page he would SHAKE HIS HEAD.  Honestly, that’s more response than I sometimes got out of my 2nd graders during read alouds when I was still teaching.  His grandma and great-grandma thought it was hilarious, needless to say.  I’m so please that he likes books, both looking at mine and looking at his.

Having Daniel around (even though I sent him to grandma’s house without me for awhile so I could get more reading done) definitely made this my favorite Readathon yet.

By the way, I’m very excited to say that I’ve raised $125 for my charity – a Donors Choose grant for a 2nd grade teacher in an impoverished area of Chicago who wants quality read aloud books for her class.  I will be donating $35, $5/book.  My dad pledged $10/book and another reader pledged a flat $20.  She needs $400 total, so please take a minute to check her grant out and think about contributing.

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