The Strain – Book Review (audio)

the strain The Strain by Guillermo del Toro

When a plane lands at JFK International Airport and suddenly goes dark – plane, crew, and passengers all dead – Ephraim Goodweather is called in as the head of a special task force of the CDC to determine what killed them  It becomes more and more obvious that something truly out of the ordinary is happening, but it takes Abraham Setrakian to convince him that this is more than a pandemic, it is something other worldly.  Vampires, actually.

The vampires of “The Strain” remind me more of zombies than of vampires in many ways.  They become staggering brain-dead beings.  Even beyond this they are not traditional vampires.  They have no fangs, instead there is something that shoots from their mouths to bite their victims who basically have an incubation period until they become vampires as well.

I enjoyed the lore of the vampires in del Toro’s world, they were completely unlike any other I have encountered.  I listened to an audio version of this book and the narrator was fantastic, really giving this a creepy feeling.  There were an awful lot of characters to keep track of for audio for my taste.  I occasionally forgot exactly who was being discussed and I would have liked to be able to flip through the pages and remind myself, but it still worked well.

Totally creepy and a PERFECT Halloween read.

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