Your Amazing Newborn – Book Review

your-amazing-newbornYour Amazing Newborn by Marshall and Phyllis Klaus

This book came highly recommended to me by friends of my mother.  My husband and I both read it before Daniel was born so we (and especially he, who had much less experience with babies) would know what we were in for, particularly in the first couple of weeks.

“Your Amazing Newborn” focuses on the time just before and just after a baby is born.  It includes information about sight, hearing, sleep and wake states, and much more.  Specific studies are referenced about babies’ preference for faces, syncing their movements to voice, etc.

I think that we both really appreciated “Your Amazing Newborn.”  Not al of the information is necessarily practical stuff that you need to deal with your newborn, but we are both people who like to know more about what is going on.  We liked knowing that if we stuck our tongues out at Daniel he would do it back or that he would love looking at patterns.

I think this is an interesting book for parents-to-be who are curious and want to understand more about their baby.

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3 comments to Your Amazing Newborn – Book Review

  • There are so many books out there with information on babies, it is nice for you to review one that you can attest to. It was a little overwhelming for us. We could have spent years reading!

  • What an adorable baby on the cover. Those first few weeks can be so overwhelming and stressful. I’m sure even now I’ve forgotten the essence of how much work that was. They are amazing little creatures and I always wonder what they’re thinking.

    I have a slightly different attitude toward my children sticking their tongues out at me these days, though. LOL!

  • I love these reviews of books for new parents. I’m putting together a list for future gift-giving.