White Book-Reading Female Seeks E-Reader For Action On The Side

I’m looking for an e-reader that is easy to use, with a BIG harddrive that can hold lots of books.  I usually read paper books, so we need to be discrete, I’d love a reader I could just slip into my purse and pull out for those special moments when I’m alone.  If I can get my library books on you, or even audio books, so much the better.  Proprietary readers need not apply.  If you’re interested call 555-READ, or email me at devourers.books(at)gmail.com

Okay, so the above is sort of silly, but it really does detail what I’m looking for in an e-reader.  I’m not particularly interested in the Kindle because of the strict proprietary nature of the device.  Actually, until really rather recently, I wasn’t interested in getting an e-reader at all.  I mean, I have SO MANY paper books on my shelves that I haven’t even read once, why get a device that would require me to get NEW books or new copies of the books I have to read them?

Maybe I’m just a shameless follower, but I’ve started to covet an e-reader lately.  Part of it is that people I know have started getting – and loving! – them.  Part of it is the movement towards e-ARCs, and the fact that my library has ebooks that can be checked out.  I’m not sure that I will ever buy a ton of e-books, but I’d love to have an e-reader for review copies, library books, and to lighten my carry-ons when I fly.

I’m still researching readers to see which one I’d like, and after yesterday’s guest post on the BBAW blog from the CEO of IREX, I have one more to add to my list to check out.

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