TSS: BBAW Kickoff And Why I Love Book Bloggers

There are lots of reasons to love book bloggers, but in honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week I wanted to share one that has been repeatedly brought to my attention in the last few months.  Book bloggers are really kind, generous people, people who like to share in each others’ lives and who are always willing to celebrate with one another.

I have experienced this caring firsthand while pregnant and after I had my baby.

First, Amy, Michele and Meaghan started the Book Blog Social Club and threw me a baby shower.  The Social Club is now available for others to host celebrations.


As part of my shower, 6 amazing bloggers also chipped in to send me an Amazon gift certificate that is buying Daniel books and diapers.

I thought all that was pretty amazing, but it didn’t even end there.

In addition to SO much support through email and Twitter while I was pregnant and while I was learning how life worked with Daniel, I’ve had more bloggers thoughtfully send Daniel presents.

Marci of Serendipitous Readings knit Daniel adorable booties and a winter bonnet.  I think these might even work for two winters!

IMG_0003 (2)

Jennifer of Literate Housewife sent Daniel this Winnie the Pooh doll and outfit, as well as this ‘chew on me’ book – he’s figured out that one already.

IMG_0004 IMG_0005

And finally, Nicki of Fyrefly’s Books knit Daniel this gorgeous blanket, isn’t it lovely?

IMG_0001 (2)


To all of you who’ve sent Daniel presents and all of you who have given me even one word of advice or encouragement, I appreciate you!

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