TSS: Amazing Reading Week and Isn’t Daniel Cute?

Don’t ask me how it happened, but somehow I had a REALLY good reading week last week, both in quality and quantity.  Here’s what I finished:
city of refuge

prisoner of azkaban (audio)

posed for murder

man who loved books too much

guinea pig diaries

the queen's mistake

I’m basically trying like mad to read as many review and library books as possible by the end of the month since the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge starts October 1.  I’m actually wondering how on earth I’ll choose my books to read during that challenge.  I’m used to having the choice between a few things that either need to be reviewed or returned to the library soon.  I have hundreds and hundreds of TBR books, so that sheer amount of choice may overwhelm me.

And just for fun, a video of Daniel as Rafi and I sing him “5 Green and Speckled Frogs.”  He thinks this song is hilarious.

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