The Greatest Knight – Book Review

greatest knight The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

One of the most important personages of the courts of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine was the fourth son of the king’s marshal.  William Marshal was one of the best knights on the tourney field and a man of great loyalty.  Originally a tutor to the sons of the king and queen, William became part of the court of their son Henry when he was crowned as the Young King, concurrently with his father.

Throughout his years of service to the royal family, William was part of the retinues of Henry the younger, King Henry II, and King Richard, as well as being well-thought of by Eleanor.  He was greatly valued for his loyalty, even protecting a dying Henry from his rebellious son Richard.

William Marshal is a fascinating and often overlooked character and Elizabeth Chadwick brings him to life beautifully.  At the beginning of the book I was worried that, at over 500 pages, it was going to take forever to read.  However, before I knew it I was on page 300, then I blinked and had made it another 30 pages.  I really enjoyed reading the story of a man who tends to be a secondary character but absolutely deserves to have his story told.

Everyone who has raved about Elizabeth Chadwick as an author of historical novels is right, I hope that Sourcebooks decides to release more of her books, because as of right now, this is the only one readily available in the United States.

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