The Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge!

ClearShelvesButtonSo Swapna is hosting a challenge about which I’m very excited  In fact, I’m only more excited about the 2010 Debutante Ball Challenge that she and I are co-hosting.  So anyway, she’s hosting a Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge.  The idea is to read books that are on your shelves and have been there for awhile, your TBR books or old review books (books you’ve had more than 6 months).  She’s not asking you to make a list, though, or hit a certain number of books read.  The idea is that a certain percentage of the books you read in October and November should be for this challenge.  There’s no mandated percentage, whatever you want.  Personally, I’m planning on having 30% of my books in October and November will be for this challenge.   Basically I want to try to do review book, library book, TBR book, with a little bit of room for slip-ups.

And yes, I’ll be reading review books like mad until then to make it work.

For more information, to sign-up.

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