Sunday Salon – Post BBAW Edition

tss So I can’t decide if I have Google Reader burnout, or if I’m motivated to keep up with it now, after BBAW.  It is a little on the high side right now, but not unmanageable.

What I do really need to get working on, though, is reviews.  I didn’t get any written last week during my first week back at work, so I’m going to have to try to find some time to do some writing before I get totally overwhelmed with unwritten reviews.

I had a pretty decent reading week, considering I went back to work this week.  Of course, one of the books I was mostly reading last week and just happened to finish Monday and one of them I finished today, before I wrote this post, when I don’t usually count Sundays in my weekly wrap-ups.  Still, I did decently, now I just have to review all of these:

the swan thieves

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova – I’m planning to review this this week, for all of you who are waiting withe bated breath, so long as I can get the review written

the maze runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

crossing washington square

Crossing Washington Square by Joanne Rendell

Tudor Rose

The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes

How about you, read anything good lately?

10 comments to Sunday Salon – Post BBAW Edition

  • Looking forward to your review on the new Kostava novel.

    I’ve been having a hard time getting into anything the past few weeks, though I’ve got about five books going. The one that seems to be working best for me right now is “Roanoke: a Novel of Elizabethan Intrigue” which I was able to concentrate on for about 2 hours yesterday.

  • Come on… a little hint about THE SWAN THIEVES?

  • I second Julie…just a teeny weeny hint? I haven’t written a darned thing in ever. I’m hoping to get to some tonight, after the kids go to bed!

  • I didn’t get much read at all last week. It’s been crazy around here!

  • I totally have Google Reader burnout, but I’m forcing myself to at least cut down a bit on the number of unread posts.

  • Looks like you were still able to read quite a few books even with going back to work. Very impressive!

  • I fell behind too because of BBAW. I didn’t even read blogs yesterday. I think I needed a break. Good luck with re-adjusting to work, it’ll get easier each week.

  • i am very interesting in your review of The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes

  • I think most book bloggers are probably behind in reviews and reading blogs. … I know I am. I forced myself to write a review over the weekend so I didn’t forget how!

  • I feel like it’s difficult to stay on top of everything. When I’m doing well on my google reader than I’m behind posting or reading. It’s really difficult to stay on top of it all. But one day, maybe I’ll get the balancing act down. I doubt it would last long though. I don’t think I’m disciplined enough.