BBAW: My Book Blog Find – The Hunger Games

Two of my favorite books this year have been “The Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire.”  Suzanne Collins’ young adult series is exciting, suspenseful, romantic, and just plain fun.

hunger-games catching fire

Something that scares me a bit is the knowledge that, if I didn’t read book blogs, these books would have completely passed me by.  Okay, maybe ‘scared’ is a bit strong, but I definitely would have missed out if I hadn’t read these books.

I first read about “The Hunger Games” on the blogs of two bloggers I really respect and admire: Trish of Hey Lady! What’cha Readin’? and Amy of My Friend Amy.  Check out their reviews!  They convinced me enough that I checked out “The Hunger Games” from the library.  Pretty much the second I finished it, I started stalking the library catalog so that I could put myself on the holds list as SOON as they added it.  I actually ended up preordering “Catching Fire” and buying myself a hardback copy of “The Hunger Games” as well.  Now I can’t wait for the 3rd book!

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