Hmm, Who Else Reviewed This Book…?

I’m sure all of us have wondered this, whether we wanted to link to other book bloggers’ reviews or if we just wanted to see whether or not our opinions were in the mainstream.  Sure, we *could* run a Google search, but then all sorts of extraneous stuff comes up.

Luckily, Nicki of Fyrefly’s Books made a solution for us: The Book Blogger Search Engine.  Basically it is a Google search that just searches book blogs.

The only caveat is that she has to actually TELL Google that a site is a book blog and should be searched.  She’s got nearly 1,000 blogs listed now, but perhaps in celebration of Book Blogger Appreciation Week you could check her information page and make sure that a few of your favorite book blogs are listed?  If not, just shoot her a comment and let her know.

Oh!  And don’t forget that you can add the search widget to your blog as well!

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