BBAW: Goal!

I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the look of my blog overall right now.  I’ve even managed to do some cleanup recently (had to get the place looking nice for all my BBAW visitors, you can’t let visitors come to a messy place, can you?).

That said, I do have some goals for my blog for the next year:

  • Organization: When I first moved my blog over to self-hosted, my theme didn’t work correctly with my tags and categories, so I sort of stopped adding categories and tags.  Now I have about a year’s worth of posts to add them to, so if anyone knows any good plug-ins for WordPress, let me know!  Once I get that taken care of, I want to create some good review archive pages.
  • Community: I want to start working to build our community myself and join in more with what others are doing.  This will mean joining in more challenges and events (as much as possible with little Daniel), as well as hosting my OWN challenge based on the new authors at the Debutante Ball.
  • Reading: I’d really like to read some of the books I actually own next year.  This will partly mean accepting fewer review copies and will partly mean not getting so excited about EVERYTHING everyone else reviews that I buy it or get it from the library.

What are your goals for the next year?

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  • Your last goal is very applicable to my situation too. The books I own are always the last I go to when choosing a book–it’s sad really. So I really need to figure out how to squeeze some of those in. I wish the solution was to read more but I don’t know that that is even possible unless I quit my job and become a hermit!

  • Good luck with your goals! I’ve got to do some major organizational stuff too, starting with an entirely new theme.

  • I think your blog is fabulous! I would duplicate what you said about reading my own books. I get sucked into all kinds of distractions, but have some amazing books sitting there waiting to be loved. I’ve signed off all ARCs for the rest of the year for this reason.

    • Funny story, I SAID I wasn’t going to take any more review copies for the rest of the year, and yet I’ve been taking them. I managed to cut back somewhat, but still not enough.

  • I need to do that last one too. I have a lot of books that deserve some love. I have managed to cut back on the review copies at least. I’ll accept more once I’ve read through the ones that are overdue. This does mean that I’ve been missing out on some awesome ones, like The Swan Thieves, but I’ll live.
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  • good luck with your goals. i too, need to readnmore of my own books in 2010.

  • Great goals. Good luck!

  • “I’d really like to read some of the books I actually own next year.”

    Oddly, that last one seems to be a goal for many of us! I don’t understand…lol

  • Great goals for next year! Especially the last one, which I should make a goal as well. My poor books are being neglected by review copies and ARCs, but those are so hard to resist! *L*
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  • Deb

    If I could only read as fast as I can buy. I’m looking forward to the read your own books challenge that I have heard about ( but haven’t found)

  • I am totally with the idea of reading what’s in this house. 2010 is going to be the year of the back list I guess.

  • Lisa

    I’m with you on that last goal! I’ve been so excited to be getting books so I’ve been accepting everything that sounds interesting. But I haven’t been to my tbr pile at all in a while except for challenges. I’m really wanting to get back to the books that I was so excited about that I bought them.

  • I feel the same way about accepting review books … and I don’t even accept that many! I have at least 75 books waiting to be read and yet … I never seem to get to them. I must do something about this! Must resist the call of review books. Must!

  • Super goals! But it’s funny you’re hosting a Debutantes challenge while reading less new books. :)

  • I cleaned out my tags a couple of months ago. It was painful, but worth it!