TSS: Historical Fiction Binge!

I finished three books this week, which I’m fairly impressed with as one of them was fairly long:

day the falls stood still the devil's queen forest of hands and teeth

So two of those, “The Day The Falls Stood Still” and “The Devil’s Queen” were historical fiction, although “The Day The Falls Stood Still” is more time and place historical fiction and is not about an historical personage.  Both were great, by the way, and I have already reviewed both of them (links in the titles above).

Okay, but two of three books isn’t really a binge.  In fact, I only picked up “The Forest Of Hands and Teeth” when Idid because I had another historical fiction book to read next: Philippa Gregory’s new one, “The White Queen,” which was finally in at the library.  I definitely can’t renew it because there is only one copy and about 7 people waiting for it after me.

the white queen

I’m about 30 pages from the end, so I’m definitely finishing it today.  I’ll write my review in the next couple days so I can return it to the library for the next person on the holds list.  Since this was from the library and not for review I can’t promise when my reivew will actually post, though, so here’s my quick 2 cents: light years better than her last book, perhaps better than most of her Tudor books, still doesn’t match “The Other Boleyn Girl.”

Even once I finish “The White Queen,” I won’t be done with my Historical Fiction binge.  The next book I need to review is “The Last Knight” by Elizabeth Chadwick, in preparation for the September 1 US release.  Chadwick is praised an par with Sharon Kay Penman and I haven’t read any of her work yet, so I’m quite excited.

greatest knight

The only thing with reading another nice, thick story of a real historical person is that it can be hard to read one after another, even when the time periods and settings are different, I’ve found that occasionally the stories can run together if I read them one after another after another.  To combat this, and to make sure that “The Greatest Knight” doesn’t suffer from me getting Historical Fiction Fatigue, I’m going to grab another short book first.

Funny in Farsi

I’m grabbing “Funny In Farsi” off of my over flowing and oft-neglected TBR shelves.  The reason I’m picking it now is that I finally went through what I’ve read so far this year to determine what I was on my 999 Challenge.  Turns out, all I need is one more memoir and I’m done, without even any overlap.  Thus, “Funny In Farsi” will serve to break up the Historical Fiction monolith as well as finishing that challenge for me.

What about you?  Read any good historical fiction lately?  Finished any challenges?  Suddenly realized you’re on a genre/theme binge?

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