TSS: Book Blogger Meet-Up!

My husband, baby Daniel, and I are in California this week staying with my parents.  We probably wouldn’t have traveled with him so young – especially since my parents were actually in Chicago with us from before he was born until 3 days before we came out here – except my best friend was getting married in Santa Barbara yesterday.  So, out we came!

As long as I was in California, I wanted to take advantage of my trip and meet with some great Southern California book bloggers.  Although a lot of people were not able to make it, I was very excited that Amy, Florinda, and Jules were kind enough to make the drive to come closer to me so I didn’t have to go as far with the baby.  Amy and Florinda both really had pretty long drives to come and meet up, and Jules was coming over while on her vacation – and she was so brave to come out when she’s relatively new and didn’t even know us very well online!  We had a great time talking books, publishing, social media, and blogging.  We met at the Barnes and Nobles at the Irvine Spectrum and hung out there in the cafe for a good three hours.  It was so much fun, thanks girls!


Florinda brought her Kindle and was kind enough to let Jules check it out


Florinda, Amy, Jules, and I – Daniel was there, but I don’t have any photographic evidence of the fact!

Edited to add: Hey, if any of you are CHICAGO area book bloggers, let me know!  I’d love to have a meet-up, but I don’t know about anyone living there.

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