Thanks for the love!

I am thrilled to announce that I received nominations in five Book Blogger Appreciation Week categories:

  • Best General Review Blog
  • Most Chatty
  • Most Concise
  • Best Writing
  • Best Blog Name

I know, it is pretty funny to be nominated for both Most Chatty and Most Concise.  They are not as contradictory as they first seem, though.  Most Chatty has more to do with style than length.

Now, the next step is for me to choose 5 posts that exemplify each of these categories and submit them to the panel judging each of these categories.  The panels will judge the submissions and create a short list for everyone to vote on during BBAW.  I’ve already chosen my posts for Most Chatty, but if you have any suggestions of posts I could use for the other categories, I’d love to hear them!  Best Blog Name is the exception to this, as clearly I don’t need to send in any posts for that.

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me!!!

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