My Book Buddy

Reading BuddySo I’ve been extremely remiss in getting out my review for my Book Buddy.  I was sent this for review back in April, before the last Readathon.  The Book Buddy is a lightweight pillow that works to hold open a book and to prop it up.  The two parallel ribbons hold down the covers of the book (and some of the pages, if you so choose).  The slanted ribbons hold down the pages you are turning.  I must say, the Book Buddy works remarkably well.  I’ve tried it with small books, tall books, short books, and long books.  Occasionally smaller, thinner paperbacks won’t want to hold open, but even then the Book Buddy holds them open better than anything else (other than 2 hands) – and without breaking the spine.

Now, if you only ever read sitting up or lying down and never do anything else while reading, and if your hands are strong, you may not need the Book Buddy, although they are still quite nice.  If you ever want hands-free reading, though, they are  perfect.  There have been a couple of instances in which my reading buddy has been indispensible:

  • While knitting: I love to knit, but if I’m ONLY knitting I get super bored.  I need to watch TV, listen to an audiobook, or read.  The only problem with trying to read is trying to hold the book down and easily turn the pages.  The Book Buddy makes it MUCH easier.
  • Daniel 001While eating: sometimes you just need to use two hands to eat, but then how are you supposed to read?  Typically I would use heavy objects to keep the book open, but that makes it hard to turn pages.  Enter the Book Buddy!
  • While nursing my baby.  Hello!  Hands free reading is VERY helpful while trying to feed a squirming baby.

I’m not the only one who likes the Boook Buddy, either.  After seeing pictures of it on my blog during the Readathon, my mom ordered one for my Grandma for Mother’s Day.  My Grandma LOVES it, says it makes reading much easier when you have arthritis in your hands.

Long story short, I love my Book Buddy!

Check out the Book Buddy and all the other cool stuff at the Reading Comfort website!

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