Bundle of Trouble – Book Review

bundle of trouble Bundle of Trouble by Diana Orgain

Kate Connelly just had a baby girl.  All she wants to do enjoy her maternity leave with her little girl and sort out what it means to be a mom.  Unfortunately, shortly before Kate delivers baby Laurie, she and her husband get a call from the medical examiners office, asking about her brother-in-law, George.  A body has been discovered in the bay.  Although it turns out not to be George, it does seem that he’s involved in whatever is going on.  When the P.I. investigating the case is unable to continue his investigation, Kate decides to take over.  After all, this IS her brother-in-law.  Plus, maybe, if she starts a P.I. business, she won’t have to go back to work.

Okay, first let me set out a couple things that bothered me:

  • Kate had like, one contraction, then her water broke and she was rushing to the hospital.  Classic TV-labor syndrome.  Come on, when does labor happen like that?  Especially the first time.
  • Kate kept leaving Laurie with her mother as a babysitter and going out for a couple of hours, always getting back in time for the next feeding.  I know they had some formula as a backup, but it didn’t seem it was ever used while her mom was babysitting.  My baby sure didn’t (and still doesn’t) eat like clockwork.  Yes, it is about every 3 hours on average, but sometimes he eats and wants to eat again in 40 minutes!
  • Kate’s to-do lists.  They were waaaaay too cutesy for my taste.

However, this is a cozy mystery, not gritty realistic fiction.  The point is to get the dazed feel of being a new mom, and that did get across.  This was a light, fun book.  Come on, how many books are written about new moms with their new babies?  If you want to recollect the feelings from those first, crazy days or you have a new baby and want someone to commiserate with, this is good brain candy, a great ‘diaper bag book’.  It isn’t “War and Peace,” but you will be entertained.  And, really, who could read “War and Peace” with a new baby in the house?

This is the first book in the “Maternal Mysteries” series.

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