The Lost Hours – Book Review

the-lost-hoursThe Lost Hours by Karen White

Piper Mills used to be a world class equestrian, headed for the Olympics until she had a bad fall from her horse, from which she never recovered emotionally.  When her grandfather dies, her grandmother with Alzheimers quickly follows, leaving Piper all alone in the world with nothing but her bitterness.  When Piper’s grandparent’s lawyer brings her a small charm left to her by her grandmother, Piper begins to wonder for the first time what sort of life her grandmother led, leading her down a mysterious path, trying to determine the cause of a falling out between her grandmother and her best friend when they were just young women.

This was a really enjoyable book.  All of the characters were fantastically written and the plot itself was very interesting.  The mystery was perfect.  There was enough of it that I could deduce on my own, which I always enjoy.  It wasn’t one of those crazy, convoluted mysteries that doesn’t make any sense, but something that could have actually happened in the place and time that Piper’s grandmother and her friends lived.  Even though I got a lot of it on my own, the way that White filled in the details was fantastic.  I also really liked that this novel dealt with things like depression, death, mourning, fear, racial tensions, and privilege.

This was a great, engaging read.  It dealt with a lot of difficult topics without getting overly heavy and it was well-written and smart.  Definitely a winner.

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