Sunday Salon – Baby’s First Bath!

tss This has been a good reading week.  I haven’t gotten through much, but what I read was good.  First I finished Monica Ali’s new book “In the Kitchen,” which was mostly exciting because I was glad to be done.  It wasn’t a bad book, but it didn’t grab me at all.  If I didn’t need to review it I’d probably have ditched it and moved on.  Then, however, I moved onto “American Eve” by Paula Uruburu about Evelyn Nesbit, Henry K. Thaw, and Stanford White.  It was really great.  Now I’m reading Jon Meacham’s “American Lion” about Andrew Jackson and, even though I’m only 30 pages or so in, I’m really enjoying it.

I’m also having TWO giveaways right now, both of which end on Thursday.  Donna Woolfolk Cross stopped by last Monday with a guest post to promote her walk the red carpet contest at her website and offered a personalized, signed copy of her book “Pope Joan” to one of my readers, shipped anywhere in the world.  On Tuesday I reviewed “Smart Mama’s Green Guide,” which is a great book about reducing toxic exposure to your children and I have three copies of that to giveaway.

Speaking of kids, Daniel got his first real bath this week after his cord fell off.  He wasn’t totally sure what to think, but he seemed to like it more than not.  At one point he was floating with me just holding his head.  He was instinctively doing just what people are taught to do to float and backstroke, pushing his head down and his hips up.  Between that and his long feet, my husband is SURE Daniel will be a swimmer, just like his daddy was.  A couple pictures for you:

IMG_0020 (2) IMG_0022 (2)

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