Smart Mama’s Green Guide – Book Review and Giveaway

smart mama's green guide Smart Mama’s Green Guide: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Toxic Exposure by Jennifer Taggart

Many people will look only at the main part of this title and think that this is just another book about reducing your environmental footprint as a mom, using cloth diapers, that sort of thing.  When I received this book from Anna at Hachette, that is sort of what I was thinking as well.  I know that I read the subtitle when I requested it, but I sort of forgot about that by the time the book arrived (hey, I had a baby coming, I had other things to think about).

“Smart Mama’s Green Guide,” though, is not one of the dime a dozen books about reducing your environmental impact.  Rather, it is a book by an environmental attorney and children’s environmental health advocate who helps you reduce your environment’s impact on your children.

Actually, once I realized that Taggart was taking her readers through all of the potential chemical exposures in different parts of the house, I got somewhat intimidated and put the book off a bit.  That was right as Daniel was about to be born and right after he was born, and I didn’t think that “Smart Mama’s Green Guide” would be readable enough that I could keep with it at that point.  Well, eventually I realized I just needed to get the book read and got started.  I was really surprised about just how readable Taggart made a book about chemicals and their potential ramifications on health.

When I started reading “Smart Mama’s Green Guide” I was worried about more than just readability.  I was also concerned that most of what the book would do would be to worry me and offer little in the way of practical means to do something about exposure to toxins.  Evidently I shouldn’t have worried about that either, because after every section, Taggart has a small wrap-up describing easy ways for parents to reduce their childrens’ exposure.

If you’re at all concerned about BPA, lead, mercury in your child’s environment, or if you want to become educated about what toxins are in our environment and how to avoid them, I would definitely recommend “Smart Mama’s Green Guide.”

I have three copies of “Smart Mama’s Green Guide” to giveaway.  To enter, leave a relevant comment (just saying “enter me” won’t count) on this post.  For extra entries, blog or tweet about this contest and leave a SEPARATE comment here with the URL.

This contest is US-only (sorry, but I’m not the one sending it out) and the books cannot be sent to PO boxes.  This contest will end at 11:59 Central on Thursday, June 23rd.

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