Ink Exchange – Book Review

ink-exchangeInk Exchange by Melissa Marr

Note: This review may contain some spoilers for “Wicked Lovely”

Aislinn is now the Summer Queen of the fey, but she is continuing to live her human life as well.  This double life serves its purpose, but it also seems to bring her friends more into the attention of the fey, including those whom Aislinn would rather didn’t notice her friends.

Aislinn’s friend Leslie has been having a very tough time at home.   Her mother left the family, her father is barely around, and her brother is dealing drugs.  Determined to control something in her life, Leslie decides to get a tattoo.  Little does she know, her strong emotions have attracted the attention of Irial, King of the Dark Court, a group of fey who feed off the negative emotions of others.  Ever since Aislinn and Donia brought peace between the Summer and Winter Courts, the members of the Dark Court have been wanting for food.  Irial’s solution is to feed his fey on human emotions, but he can only do this by enacting an Ink Exchange with a strong but troubled human – Leslie.

It took me quite a bit longer to get into “Ink Exchange” than it did “Wicked Lovely.”  I would really have liked to see more of Aislinn, Seth, and Keenan.  Leslie was such a minor character in the first book and I don’t remember seeing Irial at all that I didn’t really feel the same connection that I did with the first book.  However, it was interesting to get a more complex view of the world of the fey by seeing the Dark Court and hearing more about the High Court.

Although I didn’t like “Ink Exchange” quite as well as “Wicked Lovely,” I am still looking forward to the next book, “Fragile Eternity.”

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