A Rose for the Crown – Book Review

rose-for-the-crownA Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith

Once upon a time there was really a woman named Katherine Haute who received an annuity from Richard of Gloucester.  Based on this scant information, Anne Easter Smith created the Katherine Haute of “A Rose for the Crown,” as the woman who was the unknown mother of Richard III’s illegitimate children, a woman to whom many believe he was faithful before marrying Anne Neville.  Anne’s rise from a lowly girl on a farm to the mistress of the Duke of Gloucester seems implausible, but was presented in a way that seems possible.

Overall this was a good read.  Kate was an interesting character and her love affair with Richard was sweet.  Unfortunately, it suffered a bit for me having been read in the same quarter as “The Sunne in Splendor.”  “A Rose for the Crown” was well done, and was an entertaining way to engage with the history surrounding Richard – I think it is an interesting lens through which to view Richard – but it just didn’t feel quite as hardy as ” The Sunne in Splendor.”

If you are a fan of historical fiction, read both this and “The Sunne in Splendor.”  Just make sure to read this first, or to wait a year or so between books.

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