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Planet Books had a great guest post this week from Marisa de los Santos, author of “Belong to Me” and “Love Walked In” about happy endings in books.  This is definitely a guest post worth reading and it made me very excited to see the guest post Marisa is writing for me June 22nd.  

Write for a Reader has a very enthusiastic review of what sounds like a very interesting YA book, “Eyes Like Stars.”   She says this work is “unique, magical, funny, and enjoyable.”  How can you say no to that?


Trish is convinced that her books are multiplying.  Has this happened to you?  This post is hilarious, as are the comments.  Vintage Trish.

The question over at Bookish Ruth this week is how ARCs influence your book buying.  Do you buy finished copies of ARCs you’ve read, fail to buy books you would have otherwise bought because you got an ARC?  

Have you ever been shamed for reading YA books?  Some pepole have tried it in the comments section at Everyday Reading, but Janssen isn’t going to let herself be shamed.  

If you don’t weigh in on any of the other discussion, you might want to go over to Books and Movies and let Carrie know whether or not you prefer a plot synopsis in reviews.


Trish has 10 copies of “The Chosen One” to giveaway!  This is one of the hot YA books of the seasons, so you’ll want to enter.

Here at Devourer of Books

I have a giveaway of three copies of “Belong to Me,” which I really enjoyed, going on until this Friday.

This week I also announced my lineup of guest posts for the summer.  Since I’m having my baby any time now (he’ll come SOMEtime in June), I asked the authors of some books I have enjoyed lately to contribute guest posts so that I can continue to have new, interesting content for you all.  The first one will be this Tuesday with Katherine Howe, whose debut book “The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane” is being released that very day.  My review is going up Monday.  After that, I have a different guest post every Monday for the next six weeks from another five authors and a publicist.

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