The Sunday Salon – Father’s Day and Still No Baby

tss I’m not really sure where this week went, but it is (hopefully!) my last week before baby.  He’s about 9 days late now.  I’m not really stressing too much, but I hope he decides to make his appearance before they want to induce.  Maybe now that my parents are in town for the summer he’ll show up on his own.  Here’s what I’ve been doing this last week:


I decided to take advantage of the lack of baby this weekend and participate in Natasha’s Bloggiesta, the blog housekeeping extravaganza.  Even without baby, though, I failed pretty miserably.  I really only worked for 4 or 5 hours on Friday and not at all on Saturday.  My main accomplishment was getting through ALL the posts in my Google Reader.  Each one of them was at least skimmed and I left a pretty good number of comments, if I do say so myself.  I only got two reviews written, but I only have one more to write for an actual book sent to me for review, so I guess it is okay that I still have 5 to go total.  I did love reading what everyone else had done and I think I’m going to make a bloggy to-do list of things I can work on whenever I get a few minutes here and there so I don’t have to use up all my work time figuring out what to do.  Oh!  And I learned to FTP things to my blog, so now I can add in some of my own plug-ins instead of waiting for hubby.

I’ve started to slow down from my one book per day in June.  First “Censoring An Iranian Love Story” took me a few days, although I was able to read other, shorter books in between.  Right now I’m working on “Sacred Hearts” by Sarah Dunant and it is also taking awhile (both are good though!), so I’ve no longer finished as many books as there have been days in June.  On the plus side, I finished my 100th book of the year!  Here’s what I read (and finished) last week:
the-unit blue-notebook mama-knows-breast the-plague censoring-an-iranian-love-story

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