The Luxe – Book Review

luxeThe Luxe by Anna Godbersen

I have heard the Luxe novels described by some as a turn of the century book-version of Gossip Girls, although I haven’t really watched Gossip Girls, so I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is.  From what I have read, though, I would guess that that is a fairly accurate description.

“The Luxe” is primarily the story of the Holland sisters, Elizabeth and Diana, who are members of New York’s high society, but are in danger of losing their places after finding out that their father’s death has left them with very little money.  In an effort to shore up her family’s fortune and place in society, the girls’ mother arranges Elizabeth’s engagment to the fabulously wealthy and mischevious bachelor Henry Schoonmaker.  However, with Elizabeth’s affections elsewhere, Henry beginning to fall for Diana, and Elizabeth’s best friend Penelope wanting Henry for herself, things begin to get a little dramatic.

I liked “The Luxe,” but I didn’t really love it.  I think the problem was that it was just a little too Gossip Girls for my taste, since I’m not a fan of the show.  That being said, it was a very engaging plot and a pretty quick read.  Although it wasn’t my favorite, I’m not sorry I read it (particularly because I got it from the library) and will probably go ahead and read the rest of the series from the library.   It was very interesting as a glimpse into turn of the century socialite life, but those of you who do like shows like Gossip Girls will probably like it better than I did.

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