Sunday Salon: June So Far and a Countdown

tssSo this is the big month!  My little boy is due on Friday(!).  I think he’ll be late, so I’m trying to treat Friday as the first POSSIBLE day he could come, but we are getting close, and that’s exciting.  

We’re really about ready for him here, so I’ve had some time to relax and read, even though I’m still working through Wednesday.  My goal is to read a book per day this month until my little bundle of love shows up.  If I can accomplish this I should be good on review copies, so I won’t have to think about them when I am wanting to spend time with baby or sleep.  So far in June, I’ve been rocking this goal.  I actually finished 7 books in the first 6 days of June!

    belong-to-me    in-the-sanctuary-of-outcasts    bought    the-chosen-one    lost-boy    sky-isnt-visible-from-here    secret-son    

Interested in what I reviewed last week?  Here you go!  Book covers link to reviews.

    story-of-a-marriage    belong-to-me    when-you-are-engulfed-in-flames   in-the-sanctuary-of-outcasts    bought    

By the way, that review of “Belong to Me” is a giveaway!

This week I also posted my May Reading Wrap-Up and announced the list of authors and a publicist who will be providing guest posts for me over the next seven weeks while I’m busy with baby.

I was going to post some pictures of the baby’s room, but this post is getting a bit long, so I think I’ll do so in a second Sunday Salon.

Just one more picture, though, before you go.  I want to acknowledge my biggest blogging and reading helper, Ellie.  Here she is right next to me as I ‘ve been writing my Sunday Salon posts this morning:

Ellie    Ellie

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