Shadow of the Wind – Book Review

shadow-of-the-windShadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“Shadow of the Wind” is a gothic, bookish thriller.  When Daniel’s father takes him to the Cemetary of Forgotten Books, he discovers a book called “Shadow of the Wind” by Julian Carax and, with it, a mystery.  There is someone hunting down and burning all of Carax’s books.  Daniel has what is probably the last copy of “Shadow of the Wind” in existence.  Even more perplexing, the man who seems to be burning the books calls himself Lain Coubert, which is the name of one of the characters in “Shadow of the Wind.”  In “Shadow of the Wind,” Coubert is the name of the Devil.  Who is Coubert, really?  What happened to Carax?  How does the sadistic Inspector Fumero fit into all of this?

“Shadow of the Wind” was a really fantastic book.  The plot was definitely complicated and twisting, but it worked.  These are my favorite sorts of mysteries, rambling gothic plots, somewhat similar to “The Thirteenth Tale” in feel, though not in detail.  One thing that “Shadow of the Wind” and “The Thirteenth Tale” do have in common, though, is the underlying love of books.  This is a book-lover’s mystery, and this book lover loved it.

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