How To Mess Up Your Child’s Life – Book Review

how-to-mess-up-your-childs-lifeHow To Mess Up Your Child’s Life by Olivia and Kurt Bruner

There are a lot of books out there that try to teach you to be a ‘good’ parent, how to set your child on the right track for life.  The problem is, these things are hard.  Wouldn’t it be easier to be a ‘mess up’ parent and just mess up your child’s life?  Well, Olivia and Kurt Bruner want to help you be the best ‘mess up’ parent you can be.  Olivia and Kurt are Christian parenting experts and have based their ‘mess up’ strategies on the seven deadly sins.  Want to know how to make your kid a lustful glutton?  You’ve come to the right place!  Just be warned, every sin has a corresponding virtue that you’ll want to avoid.

Okay, so obviously the Bruners don’t actually want to help you turn your child into a prideful sloth.  Instead, the sections are written in a clearly tongue-in-cheek manner that is actually quite helpful, particularly since it addresses mistakes parents do actually make.  Don’t think, though, that “How To Mess Up Your Child’s Life” does nothing but tell you – however humorously – what NOT to do.  Instead, each section also has a variety of suggestions that mess up parents should ignore at all costs to make their child as sinful as possible – in other words, activities to nurture specific virtues like generosity.  I liked these sections because they were actually concrete activities.  Some of them would be equally useful for a youth group to do as they would be for families.

“How To Mess Up Your Child’s Life” is probably one of the more practical, entertaining parenting books you can pick up.

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