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boughtBought by Anna David

Emma is stuck in a dead-end job that doesn’t really pay her bills – collecting quotes from B-listers at Hollywood parties was never really her idea of a dream job.  What Emma really wants is to be a real journalist, someone doing serious work.  A handsome, powerful, and wealthy boyfriend would be so bad either, perhaps someone like her ex, Matt.

Emma’s world begins to be turned upside down when she spots Matt at a party with a gorgeous girl on his arm – a gorgeous girl who she learns is a sort of kept woman/prostitute hybrid.  Jessica is smart and sexy, and trades sex for things like her credit card bills or rent being paid, but never directly for money.  This, Emma realizes, could be her big break, the story that will make her from a party reporter into a journalist.  Getting a story from Jessica without getting sucked into her world may not be so easy, however.

This was  an interesting book.  All of the characters were horribly flawed, but also very human and vulnerable.  Emma is clearly working through some serious issues – some of which, surprisingly, Jessica can help her with.  Jessica and the other girls in her set often exude confidence and happiness, but they obviously have huge issues as well.  “Bought” definitely gets you thinking about where exactly the line is drawn between using sexuality or femininity and prostitution.  Once you get to a certain point is it a slippery slope from there, or can you stay firmly on one side or the other?  Can you be, or have you been, bought?

Note: I was happily surprised to find that there really wasn’t much sex in the book, even though it was about these women who are basically prostitutes, but Jessica does have a fairly foul and sexual mouth, so you if you sensitive to things like that, you should be forewarned.

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