Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Update a Key Page or Post

Note: Bloggiesta bloggiesta is a 48-hour blog-improvement-athon hosted by Natasha of Maw Books.  More information about Bloggiesta can be found on Natasha’s information post.  Basically, the goal is to work on your blog for 18-24 hours over this Friday and Saturday.

I know that a lot of people will be spending Bloggiesta catching up on reviews and other posts, but updating older posts and pages is also part of good bloggy housekeeping.  For this mini-challenge, we want you to update the pages that are most important to your blog.  This includes front pages, about me and contact pages, and high-traffic posts. For more information about what pages should be targeted, check out this post from ProBlogger.

You may want to update your about page, write a review policy, or just check your most popular posts for mistakes and to make sure they include correct linkage.  Update or check 3-5 pages to complete this mini challenge, then come back and leave a comment about what you did AFTER you are done.  People who complete this challenge will be eligible for publisher giveaways from Natasha and a mystery grab bag of books I’ve reviewed (I can’t tell you any more than that, mostly because I haven’t looked around to see what I want to send out yet).  I promise there will be good books in there, though.

You have until the end of Bloggiesta to complete this challenge.

Happy blogging!

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  • 42 comments to Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Update a Key Page or Post

    • I’ve recently updated my about me and review policy page in prep for BEA but I’m going to make sure my top 5 posts are updated with no errors and since they are pretty old update to my new format of linkage. Thanks Jen!

    • What a great challenge! I have gone back and corrected grammatical and spelling errors (eek! How did they end up there?!), and some links as well. Thanks!

    • The only page I really needed to update was my master list of book reviews, and I just finished that. I revised my Book Review Policy earlier this week, and my About Me is current. I don’t think I’ll get the time to edit other posts, so for my purposes, I’m done with this mini-challenge. Thanks!
      .-= Florinda´s last blog ..BLOGGIESTA To-Do List =-.

    • Let me see. I updated my About Me section and added contact info. I also started going through my posts and editing. Eventually I want to do all of them so they are all uniform.

    • Jen I have updated my about me page and I am now working on a reviewing policy. I have also doubled check top post for errors. Thanks for offering such a great mini challenge.

    • Alright, I changed my whole layout pretty much, then set to work on the about me section. Then I cleaned up some pictures in my reviews. Takes a long time to do all that! Oi! Now I need to work on my latest review.

    • I just went through and added some title info to past reviews. I also fixed some of the broken images and links. Thanks for the challenge!

    • I finished your challenge and thank you for that! :) I hadn’t through about my most popular posts and how I could use them to draw traffic elsewhere. I actually came up with a couple ideas to use at the end of my posts such as…. “If you enjoyed this book, you will like ______________________” and link to another review of a similar genre book or style of writing.

      So “Yippy!” I have worked this challenge late into last night and now back at it this morning. This is great! Thank you to all involved in making this happen. I am learning so much!

    • Hmmmmm…. not sure if my last commnet worked so basically…. finished your challenge. Thank you!

    • I did up the Review Policy post, updated the Book Bloggers and Challenges posts.

    • I borrowed Natasha’s idea and updated my five most popular posts (as well as a few others I stumbled upon along the way). I’d still like to write both an About Me page and a Review Policy, but if I don’t get around to it, I’m still going to consider that I’ve done this challenge!

      .-= avisannschild´s last blog ..Bloggiesta update #1 =-.

    • I’m going through and adding the “alt” info on images! On three blogs. Yikes.

      I’ve already done several. We’ll see how far I get.

      Great challenge!

    • Nan

      This was a very useful challenge! I worked on my about page, my high-traffic posts, and worked on my header pic.

    • I spent 3.5 hours fixing bad links on my blog – whew…and I’m not even done yet! You can read about what I did on this post!
      .-= Wendy´s last blog ..Bloggiesta: Update TWO =-.

    • Hi Jen,
      This was on my list of things to do for Bloggiesta. Have finally got my sidebar the way I like it. Updated my Welcome and contact. Also my About Me page. Have a great day!


    • This was such a helpful challenge! I went back over my last few posts and fixed up some spelling mistakes that got past spellcheck, fixed some placement problems with images and made sure all my links were working.

      I think this is something that I will start trying to do at least once a month as part of regular blog house-keeping. I’d like to eventually have all my review posts edited to the same style.

      Thanks for the challenge :)
      .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Bloggiesta Update #1 =-.

    • Sally Hanan

      I just updated the “about me” page and ten blog posts.

    • I made a few changes to my home page, added some songs to my playlist (oooh! aaah!), and checked some popular posts. There are many other things I could work on–I’ll explore those soon.

    • I wrote a review policy (didn’t have one, so I peeked in on some others), updated my about me profile, and updated my blog roll.
      .-= heidenkind´s last blog ..The Immortals: The Crossing =-.

    • I updated my about me/contact info page.
      .-= Nicole´s last blog ..YA Book Carnival ~ June 21-June 27 =-.

    • Updated my profile and made a contact me button to email me with.
      .-= Marie Burton´s last blog ..The Sunday Salon: Happy Father’s Day =-.

    • Without knowing it, I completed this challenge! I finished writing my review policy page and made sure my bibliography and biography pages were still accurate.

    • This has been very useful. I’ve written in my About Me page and cleaning out my blog roll. I’ve gone through the posts on my first contests. I’m still working on reducing clutter – this will take quite some time. Thanks!
      .-= gaby317 @ Starting Fresh´s last blog ..Bloggiesta update – Saturday night =-.

    • I wrote an About Me page and added a contact form to my Contact Me page. Still need to update/detail my review policy on the Contact Page. I had my About/Contact page as one post and have wanted to separate them for months now. Bloggiesta was a great motivation to do so!
      .-= Ruth @ Bookish Ruth´s last blog ..Bloggiesta: High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes =-.

    • I think that a lot of times we forget to update these pages, though they are so important! I was able to update 2 of my pages and even created 1 more. I just hope I never let them fall behind again!

    • Went back and looked at my top ten posts. Caught about five spelling/grammar mistakes and typos. I have to say — I’m a bit embarrassed right now, but so glad that you got me to go back and look over those posts again. Thanks!
      .-= Katie´s last blog ..bloggiesta: day one! =-.

    • 11 hours later, all my older posts have been reformatted to my current color scheme. Plus I redid my layout for my reviews and went over my policies pages for typos and to make sure everything was current. I am so proud of myself!

    • lol.. didn’t know this was a mini-challenge, but I did it as part of my own to-do list. Do I still get credit? :-)

    • I deleted some old promotional posts written when books arrived. Who cares when books arrived once I review them?

      I also fixed the font color on some older posts. I used to have a dark background, and I manually edited some text for emphasis that now appears too light to read. Oy.

      I also reread and fixed some typos in older posts. I’d like to spotlight older posts again, so it’s nice to have them already cleaned up.

      .-= nomadreader´s last blog ..sunday salon: Deliberate television watching =-.

    • This is a good reminder. I went through today and checked the last 5 months of posts – basically I went from the last time I checked until current.

    • Wow I’m the only one doing this one this bloggiesta. I like it because you can do it every bloggiesta!

      I edited 4 old reviews to include cover art, links to, fixing typos and paragraph spacing and adding author links.

      I also merged two reviews for similar books by the same author into one review.

      I have tons more I could do but I think I’m done Bloggiesta soon.

    • Yay! I just updated my review listing, my about me page and my review policy! I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now, and am glad I finally have the motivation needed to get me to do it!

    • The best thing about this challenge was that I realized WordPress lets me see more than just the daily top posts/pages — you can see up to all-time! That’s an exciting discovery for me and I have no idea how I didn’t realize it before. (Duh, Erin.)

      After I looked at my all-time most popular posts/pages, I realized most of them are my pages. I went through and spruced them up, updated challenge and review lists, made sure everything is linked. I also cleaned up my main page, combining and thinning out widgets for a less cluttered look. Thanks for the challenge!

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