Wicked Lovely – Book Review

wicked-lovelyWicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Aislinn sees fairies.  No, she’s not crazy, she just has the gift of Sight.  There are fairies all around us, often poking, proding, and tripping us for their own amusement.  Most of us can’t see them, but Aislinn can.  She knows the rules, though: don’t run, don’t attract the attention of fairies, and do not let them know you can see them.  After having mastered the rules for so long, things begin changing for Aislinn.  There are two fairies, clearly very powerful ones, following her around all the time, even appearing to hear as humans with a glamour.  She also begins hearing other fairies talking about her, unaware that she can hear them.

“Wicked Lovely” was a really fun young adult book.  I loved all the fairy lore that Marr included in the book, most of which I had never before heard.  What really grounded the lore for me were her snippets of old works from the British Isles that referenced fairies, their personalities and their abilities.  Aislinn was a great character, although her friend/boyfriend Seth wasn’t hugely fleshed out.  The other story thread about the Summer King and Winter Queen was very interesting as well.  I’m very interested to see where Marr takes this story in her next two books: “Ink Exchange” and “Fragile Eternity.”

Thoroughly enjoyable young adult fiction.

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