TSS: My Week in Review



Earlier this week, I was doing awesome with my reading – I finished 5 books between Monday and Friday, but my weekend has been surprisingly slow.  I’ve been trying to get some stuff ready for the baby, so that has really cut down on my reading time.  In addition, we bought a new (used) car on Friday, which meant wwe spent awhile taking everything out of my husband’s car and cleaning it out to trade it in, plus the test driving and all the paperwork.  However, I’m very excited about what is going to be my new car (my husband gets my Civic).  We got a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica, which is a nice cross between van/SUV/wagon.


Then, last night, we had a bit of drama in our condo building.  One of our neighbors evidently wanted to reenact the beginning of the Thirty Years War and decided to defenestrate himself.  This was a bit nerve-wracking last night.

I’m hoping to finish at least one book today because I don’t want to get behind, but here’s what I managed to read since last Sunday:

serendipity    palace-circle    bad-girls-dont-die    when-you-are-engulfed-in-flames    mating-rituals-of-the-north-american-wasp


And here’s what I reviewed last week:

wicked-lovely     every-last-cuckoo-pb     last-prince    cutting-for-stone    book-thief    palace-circle

So now I’m going to go and drive my new car and hope the drama dies down around here – and read!

What are you doing this Sunday?

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