TSS: Happy Mother’s Day and a Week in Review

Happy Mother’s Day to all!  This is my first year to be recognized on Mother’s Day.  My own mom actually sent me a Mother’s Day present (do you think maybe she’s excited about this baby?), although I opened that a couple of weeks ago, because time was running out if I needed to return any of it.  As I write this I’m sitting next to two wrapped presents frmo my husband as well.  I inadvertantly found out what one of the gifts was because I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond with him for a few minutes last night while he was looking for a gift for his mom, saw a nifty-looking book light, pointed it out, and got a disappointed look “that was one of the things on my list for you!”  However, it is an exciting looking book light.

Edit: The other gift was a shiatsu massage pillow.  Fan. Tas. Tic.

This has been a very good week for reading.  If I could keep this up until the baby’s born I would be in good shape with reviews and for my goal for the year.  Here’s what I finished between Sunday and Saturday: 

    twilight-of-avalon    extras    brightest-moon-of-the-century1    wicked-lovely    cutting-for-stone    every-last-cuckoo-pb    last-prince    

And what I’ve reviewed since last Sunday (pictures link to reviews):

    twilight-of-avalon    specials    brightest-moon-of-the-century1    extras    the-help

Hopefully I can keep reading 1+ book/day because in addition to all the review books I need to finish, I have a huge number of books out from the library, as evidenced by this week’s Library Loot post.

For Mother’s Day, after our brunch, I need to do some cleaning, but I also plan to do a good deal of reading.  What are your Mother’s Day plans?

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