This Week’s Links

Here’s just some of the stuff I noted in my Google Reader this week – enjoy!

Book Reviews

When someone who isn’t a big fan of short stories raves about a short story collection, I get interested.  Beth gives just such a rave review to “Great Dreams of Heaven,” a collection by Pulitzer Prize winning author Sam Shepherd.

Nicole posted a review on Friday of “The Road of Lost Innocence.”   This is the story of a young Cambodian orphan growing up in war-torn Cambodia who is now the co-founder of AFESIP (Acting For Women in Distressing Situations) and was named Glamour’s 2006 Woman of the Year for her work with victims of sexual slavery.  This book sounds absolutely amazing, I added it to my wishlist when I was just halfway through Nicole’s review.

This one isn’t technically a review, but it is a site that collects and distributes reviews from all over.  Not just any reviews, though, bad reviews.  “The Worst Review Ever,” actually.  The Worst Review Ever lets authors send in any really bad or really nasty reviews they’ve received for everyone to comment and vote on.  Authors with REALLY bad reviews can even win prizes!  This is a highly entertaining new blog, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Other Bookish Stuff

Swapna has a new series going about internet book swapping sites.   She belongs to a bunch and gets a lot of questions about them.  She has started with a general post and will be going through each of the sites in their own posts.  Definitely a great series if you’re thinking of starting with book swapping or are unhappy with your current site.

Natasha wants to know about Your Most Embarassing Moment – Author Style!  I love when she does posts like this, she always gets the best answers.

Amy had a very interesting post about Romance this week.  She wants to know why you think there is prejudice against the genre and, if you do read it, what your favorites are.  even though I’m not a Romance reader, this was a super interesting post.

As a continuation in her ‘favorites of the genre’ series, Carrie took a look at her favorite memoirs this week.  Evidently this is only part 1 of the memoir discussion – Carrie really likes her memoirs.

Follow the Reader had a great post this week about the new Kindle publishing for blogs.  This definitely seems like a sticky situation and I was glad to read what they and their commenters had to think.  If anyone wants to weigh in here after reading the article, I’d really appreciate that as well.


Shelly has some information about the tour for “The Real Real,” by authors of the “The Nanny Diaries.”  In honor of the tour, she has a signed copy of this new teen book to give away.

Last year I reviewed “The 19th Wife” by David Ebershoff and really loved it.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, pop over to Trish’s blog and enter her giveaway for a paperback copy.  


Have a fantastic holiday weekend, and good reading!

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