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Here’s this week’s guide to what was interesting in book blogs this week:

Beth wants to know, should book bloggers post about books they just couldn’t finish?  If so, HOW should it be done?  She’s already gotten a lot of answers, but this is a subject that is a lot of interest to reviewers, so please do weigh in!

I asked earlier this week how many chances an author should get.  Specifically, I want to know if you read one good book by an author but haven’t liked anything else, how many chances do you give them before you just stop?

Carrie may be at a new blog, but she’s keeping up her old traditions.  This week she was back to her posts about favorites in different genres and was focusing on historical fiction.  She has some great books on her list, so if you want some historical fiction recommendations, check it out.

I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by the cover, but sometimes we just can’t help it.  Meaghan is an American in England for grad school and so is being introduced to the difference between the US and UK covers for the same books.  Go on over and weigh in on which cover you prefer for Michelle Moran’s new book.  After you’ve added your opinion, read through the rest of the comments, because Michelle came by and gave her own opinion.

Want to celebrate Obama’s first 100 days in office? Check out Nicole’s review of “The Obama Revolution.”  
Although she says the book is a bit of a slow start, it has a lot to offer, including the procedures of the new strategies implemented by the Obama campaign and a collection of his speeches.

I love using books to learn about people, places, and cultures about which I do not know much.  Shelly obviously feels the same way, became she chose to review and tour “A Gift of Grace” in order to learn more about the Amish religion.  Not only was “A Gift of Grace” a good inroduction for her to the Amish culture, but she enjoyed the story as well!

Amy reviewed what seems like a fantastic book, “The Midwife” by Jennifer Worth.  Jennifer joined the Midwives of St. Raymond Nonnatus and the book is almost like a collection of short stories about her time there.  I think this is something I definitely want to read after I have my baby.

Author Interviews:
Natasha has a great interview Ingrid Law, author of the Newberry Honor book “Savvy.”  Not only does the book sound very interesting, but Ingrid shared what seems like a super easy recipe for a super delicious chocolate pie.  I just need to get myself over to the grocery store and get some ingredients!

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