This Week’s Links

This is a short one this week, because people have been busy getting ready for BEA.  Speaking of BEA, if you aren’t there, please join us for the “No BEA? Books Anyway!” festivities.

Book Reviews

Nari over at The Novel World reviewed “Uglies” a few days ago.  I think she wrote a REALLY great review (see if you can figure out why).  

At Write for a Reader, Shelly reviewed Julianne Moore’s new book “Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully.”  This sounds like a very cute book about a very serious topic.

Other Bookish News and Discussions

Are you debating between the Sony E-Reader and the Kindle?  Sandy gives her opinion on which is the better e-reader, complete with facts from Consumer Reports.

Let’s be honest, we ALL judge books by their cover, at least somewhat.  In her Cover Art post, Nari talks about the relationship between a book and its cover, and lets us judge a couple different covers for ourselves.

Are you new to blogging?  Jessica wants to help you out, she’s listed 5 Ways to Get Review Copies.  Good advice, there.

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