Mating Rituals of the North American WASP – Book Review and Blog Tour

mating-rituals-of-the-north-american-waspMating Rituals of the North American WASP by Laura Lipton

Waking up – thankfully fully dressed – next to a strange man is NOT what Peggy had in mind when she went to Vegas for a friend’s bachelorette party.  To make things worse, Peggy isn’t even single.  She has a VERY long-term boyfriend, to whom she just gave an ultimatum about marriage.  Why would she do something like this?  Is it stress about the ultimatum?  Subconscious revenge for the time Brock cheated on her?  All-in-all, Peggy’s feeling pretty crummy, and it doesn’t get better when she gets a call from a man whose name she doesn’t know.  It is the guy from Vegas with bad news: while they were both drunk, they got married.

Despite the lime green with pink trimmed cover, this is not super-fluffy chick lit.  Sure, the basic plot line may not be incredibly original – boy meets girl; boy marries girl drunk in Vegas; boy’s aunt offers boy and girl her multi-million dollar house in her will if they stay married for a year (and they are both having money problems, so they need it; girl must pretend to be one of the WASPS and hide her secret marriage from just about everyone she knows, including her boyfriend-cum-fiance – but it was at least spun enough not to be cliche and it was entertaining.  What I really appreciated were some of the more social issues hidden in the book, such as the demise of small business, classism, and the introduction of superstores into small, bucolic towns.

I liked both Peggy and Luke and genuinely wanted to see them figure things out.  I also enjoyed Peggy’s friends and thought that Luke’s Aunt Abigail was a riot.  None of the main characters was one-dimensional (Tiffany, the non-WASP wife of one of Luke’s friends, didn’t have a whole lot of depth, but she wasn’t terribly central to the plot) and I felt that Peggy and Luke both grew in their understanding of themselves and other people throughout the book.

Overall, an enjoyable, not overly-fluffy chick lit novel.  This would be a fun thing to read laying on a beach or by a pool.

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