Far Bright Star – Book Review

far-bright-starFar Bright Star by Robert Olmstead

Robert Olmstead’s “Far Bright Star” is a bleak novel of the terrors of war.

Napolean is a veteran soldier who has seen action in many different places and is now stationed in Mexico in the search for Pancho Villa.  When one of the men under his command commits a terrible act, Napoleon and his men learn just how terrifying war can be.

“Far Bright Star” is very well done.  The language was evocative and I could see Napoleon’s surroundings in my mind’s eye, feel the alternating heat and cold of the desert.  In addition, I could truly feel the hopelessness of Napoleon’s position.  Much of what happened in this book made me cringe and made me dispair of war.

Honestly, this wasn’t the kind of book I really enjoy.  The sparse prose isn’t really my sort of thing.  However, I was able to appreciate the good story that Olmstead crafted and and the fact that this novel really was very well done.  If the spare, stark style is one you enjoy, definitely consider picking up “Far Bright Star.”

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