I have winners to announce in TWO giveaways today.




And let’s not forget,

tory-widow lavendar-water


Congratulations!  I’ve emailed you all, and you have until Tuesday to send me your email addresses.  After that I will have to draw new winners.

I do have to mention something that really disappointed me during these giveaways, specifically during the “The Tory Widow” giveaway.  I had one person who attempted to enter 6 separate times.  I don’t mean that she attempted to gain extra entries by twittering or blogging about the contest, but that she sent in 6 different comments entering the contest as if for the first time.  The second and third times she entered I assumed it was just a mistake and wished she had scrolled up to look for her name.  After the fourth time I deleted all but one of her entries so she didn’t unfairly get extra chances.  I eventually had to completely disqualify her because, whether purposefully or not, she was depriving those who followed the rules of their equal chance to win.  And of those 6 entries, only two of them even came close to answering the question necessary to enter!

The moral of the story? I read all my entries.  Even if you wait a few days, I’ll probably think your name looks familiar and go back and check – especially if you don’t even follow the directions on HOW to enter!

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