TSS: Beautiful Easter Morning

tssGood morning saloners! I hope your Easter morning is just as gorgeous as this Chicago Easter morning.  It is neat thinking that next year we’ll be making an Easter basket for our little boy.  My mom actually made the baby an Easter basket – and filled it with stuff – this year, even though he is not yet born.  I think he probably could have waited for one until next year, but that’s okay.  The baby has actually gotten a lot of stuff this last week, between his California grandma visiting and our family baby shower.  With the clothes he got yesterday and the hand-me-downs we got, I don’t think he’ll ever have to wear the same outfit twice, as long as he is in 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes.  The baby shower was great, and one of our games was a children’s book quiz, which was very fun (even if my husband’s grandma DID keep trying to cheat).  I’ll probably post the quiz later this week.

This was just a productive week all around, including with reading and posting.  I managed to finish 4 books this week (well, actually I have about 30 pages left in the 4th book, but it will be finished today).


This week I posted reviews of two books (click the book titles to see my reviews):


I also announced giveaways for two books (click the covers to find out how to enter):


Other posts this week include a search terms post; a guest post by Christine Blevins, author of “The Tory Widow;” a Teaser Tuesday post about “The Mercy Seller;” my weekly Library Loot; some interesting bookish links; and a discussion about whether you are a monogamous or promiscous reader.


Have a fantastic Easter and a great week!

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