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After last week when I had so many links that i needed to leave half of them out so as not to overwhelm you all, this week I was horrid at collecting links.  Luckily, I still managed to round up some great stuff to share with you.  Search below and see if you can find the thing I’m most excited about:

Book Reviews:

reliable-wifeEarlier this week I reviewed the fantastic book “A Reliable Wife.”   To make it all more fun, I didn’t review it alone, but had a mini self-organized blog tour with the lovely and talented bloggers Swapna and Amy.  Check out their reviews, if you haven’t yet.

At BethFishReads there is a review of a book I am basically terrified to read, “Thirteen Reasons Why,” by Jay Asher, a book in which Hannah Baker commits suicide, but not before sharing her reasons and laying blame where she feels it belongs.  Beth says, “What makes the book so difficult is that not everyone whom Hannah blames was purposefully mean. Sure, there were some jerks, but some of the culprits were simply clueless or shy or too unsure of themselves to do much to help out a friend.”  *Shudder*  As difficult as it sounds, I may try to read this eventually, because Beth believes it could be helpful in learning to recognize signs of suicidal tendencies in others.

I have been getting more book recommendations lately from Swapna of S. Krishna’s Books.  The girl reads more than a book per day on average and 70-80% of those seem like things I want to read.  Since I already have my own pile of books and can only finish a book every 2-3 days usually, this could become quite a problem (I think most of the books on my library hold list are there because of her).  Well, this week was no different.  Swapna reviewed the fantastic-sounding “The Lost Hours” by Karen White.  Hello, this is a character-driven book with an engaging mystery!  I honestly had no idea such a thing even existed.  *Sigh*  Another book on the wishlist!

At Linus’s Blanket, Nicole reviewed “The Light Across The River” by Stephanie Reed, a page turner about the Underground Railroad that sounds really great.

If you like fluffy romances, you might want to check out Wendi’s review of “Married By Mistake.”  Although romances aren’t my thing, this one definitely sounds entertaining.

If you occasionally get burnt out on reviews, feeling like they are all the same, you might want to check out this review from My Friend Amy.  She and Ali of Worducopia both needed to review “Etta” so they decided just to have a (Google Chat) conversation about it and post that!  Very neat.

Other Bookish News:

Have you heard of the blog The Debutante Ball?  It is a group blog for debutante authors.  I was introduced to it by Swapna because Eve Brown-Waite, author of my favorite book last month, “First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria,” is one of this year’s debs.  Each week the debs blog on a different topic.  This week the topic was rejection.  If you want to see what I am talking about when I tell you that Eve’s writing is smart and sassy, check out her post entitled “Rejection Sucks and I’m Taking to my Bed.”  Also, if you’ll take some time to read the comments, you will notice that Eve says that I am her BFF!

Just in time for National Poetry Month, Carrie at Books and Movies is continuing her discussion of her favorite works in specific genres with…you guessed it…poetry!  If you’re looking for some good reads to celebrate National Poetry Month then check out her list.

readathonIf you didn’t know Dewey, she was an amazing book blogger with an emphasis on community who passed away at the end of last year.  One of her legacies was the 24 Hour Read-Athon which has now been taken over by Trish, Ana, and Hannah.  The next Read-Athon will be taking place on Saturday, April 18th at 1 pm GMT.  If you’ve never participated before, it is great fun.  Go over, read the FAQs, and sign up!


Shelly at Write for a Reader has a big April Fool’s Day giveaway going on – it isn’t a prank!  She’s got two books to give to each of five winners, but if she can get over 100 comments she’ll be adding MORE books to the mix, so get over there and enter!

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