THAT Brought You HERE?

I haven’t done a keywords post in quite awhile so I thought it was probably time.  I honestly don’t get a ton of really wacky search terms (I must be boring or something), most of mine are really just book titles.  However, there are some from the last month that caught my eye.  And with some of them I wonder how on EARTH their search term brought them to my blog.

i am a hoarder – Me too!  I’ve finally been able to break that habit somewhat with bookmooch and the library since I don’t actually have ROOM for all the books I have collected anymore.  Still, I prefer to keep my books when possible.

download free lauren willig the deception of the emerald ring
– Dude, if you don’t want to buy the book, just get it from the library, stop trying to get a shady copy online.  The only legitimate free books online are those that are being offered by author/publisher for one reason or another and those that are in the Public Domain.

“fear of hay”
– No idea. None whatsoever.  Fear of hay? I can understand if you have allergies or something, but is hay really that frightening?

sucks to your asthmar piggy!
– This one just makes me giggle.  Definitely my favorite line from “Lord of the Flies.”

the very hungry caterpillar fabric
– This is what we are using to decorate our nursery.  We found the fabric from the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and my mom created everything that goes in the nursery.

2009 email contact of leonardo da vinci
– Um, I’m pretty sure Leonardo is dead and doesn’t have an email address.  If he did, though, he’d totally use gmail.

bad writing the shack
– I don’t know if it was bad exactly, it just wasn’t actually good.  Resoundingly mediocre, I would say.

bookreport the boy in the striped pyjamas – This is the one book that I ALWAYS have homework-type questions about.  Perhaps soon people will switch to just watching the movie when they want to get out of their homework?

can’t get inkheart on kindle – I’m so sorry.  Although, since I’ve never read/reviewed/discussed Inkheart and I don’t have a Kindle, I’m curious as to why your search engine thought I could help.

get rid of 50 things book – The book was actually called “Throw Out Fifty Things.”  Instead of doing a conventional review, I actually went through the book and followed her advice.  Want to see the results of my cleaning spree?

i know he has some parts and im not sure how dominant they are – Slightly disturbed.  Moving on.

i went too loot – This sentence really makes no sense to me. You went also loot? You went somewhere to loot something? Where? What? How did that bring you HERE?

is tears of the desert appropriate for high school students? – I think it is definitely important for high school students to know the reality of what is going on in the world.  Depending on the maturity of the student, it might be a little heavy for a freshman, but most juniors and seniors would probably benefit from reading this.

nessecary things in a bedroom – Even assuming this was spelled correctly, I’m still a bit confused.  Generally a bed is pretty necessary, or something to sleep on at least.  Other than that, I think it is sort of up to you.  Probably a place to put your clothes.  Why do you

summary of unaccustomed earth so i don’t have to read – Of all the books to avoid reading, this would be about my last choice.  Seriously, it is Jhumpa Lahiri, you WANT to read her.

things you would find in a dining room – “A table, chairs, china, silverware…” “Thing you would find in a dining room!” *ding, ding, ding, ding!*

very hungry – I feel you.  I’m pregnant and occasionally get very hungry too.

why buy books – Why not?

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