Tears of the Desert Giveaway

In honor of Genocide Prevention Month, I am giving away two copies of the memoir “Tears of the Desert,” which I reviewed last year.  This is the story of Halima Bashir, one of the Zaghawa people of Darfur and her experience growing up in Sudan as the current genocide began.  This book was spectacularly written and very moving, an extremely interesting look into the life of a young woman in Darfur.  tears-of-the-desert

The Rules:
To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me WHY you want to read this book.  I can definitely ship to the US and Canada and will ship up to one of the books anywhere in the world to help spread Halima’s story.  If you are not in either the US or Canada, please make me aware of that in your comment, as I can only afford to ship one of these books overseas.  This contest will close on Friday, April 17th.

For other Genocide Prevention Month resources/book recommendations:
Natasha of Maw Books Blog feels very passionately about the issue of genocide prevention, particularly about the crisis in Darfur.  Visit her blog to see the list of genocide-related books she has reviewed as well as her recommended book lists on genocide.

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