Real Food for Mother and Baby – Book Review

real-food-for-mother-and-babyReal Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck

Nina Planck is a proponent of ‘real food.’  She had even written a book on the topic, and was touring for said book when she discovered she was pregnant.  As a food activist, Nina did her research about eating before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as feeding young children.  When the conventional wisdom sounded wrong to her, she dug deeper to find out what really is best for mothers and babies.

This book is broken into 5 parts: What is Real Food; The Fertility Diet; Forty Weeks; Nursing Your Baby; and First Foods.  The most important thing to know is probably Nina’s definition of real food.  Real food is “old and traditional.”  If someone hasn’t been eating it for hundreds of years, you probably shouldn’t either.

What I really liked about this book was Nina’s approach.  While scientific she was also very relational, sharing her experiences of pregnancy, nursing, and feeding her young baby.  She laid out what sorts of foods one should eat and why, but she was not dictatorial about it and suggested certain supplements if you simply cannot eat that food for one reason or another.

This book is quite informative and an engaging read at the same time.  If you have enjoyed any of Michael Pollan’s books or articles on food and are pregnant, have a young child, or are considering getting pregnant, this is something worth picking up.

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