ReadAthon Hour 19 Update – 1 am Central

Well, I’ve read about 760 pages so far, plus my 2 or so hours of audio.  As per my plan, I spent the last 3 hours sleeping, until I got the point where I was uncomfortable.  Now I’m going to keep reading as long as I can.  I’m hoping I can finish my current book (still Jean Plaidy) get at least most of the way through my next one to hit 1,000 pages.  I’m hoping to make it at least until the beginning of hour 24, then end a bit early and have one more 3 hour nap before it is time to get up and go to church and my baby shower.  No more audio from now until the end, because I’m too tired to accomplish anything while reading and if I try any audio while sitting here I’ll definitely fall back asleep.  

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